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Increase Sales by 22% with REthink CRM

REthink CRM means business. If its partnership with the world’s most popular CRM,, isn’t enough to convince you of that, there is one number that definitely should. On average, REthink users experience a 22 percent increase in sales. Now that’s impressive! REthink is a mobile-ready CRM, designed with residential and commercial real estate professionals […]

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All your CRE news in one app

Whether you are just starting out in the business or are a 30-year industry veteran, one thing never changes. In commercial real estate, information is power. Many pros start their day off by combing through the business section of their local newspaper, then it is on to other local, regional and national CRE news providers. […]

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The Hightower Vision [Video]

We previously reviewed Hightower here, but wanted to share their latest video. This video is by far one of the best CRE product overview I’ve seen (read my opinion on CRE video demos here and here). Why? It cites the problem. (Surprise! CRE is archaic and inefficient.) It presents a solution. It provides real-world use cases […]

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