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Q&A with Popular Blogger and CRE Broker, Allen Buchanan

In addition to being a highly regarded broker of industrial real estate in California, Allen Buchanan has also been a distinguished voice in the commercial real estate blogging community since he started his Location Advice publication in 2010. Ever the forward thinker, Allen is also the creator of the popular YouTube video series “Tuesday Traffic Tips” where he creates weekly, […]

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Storefront: Your Pop-Up Solution

Pop-up shops – you may have heard of them. They’re sort of the retail equivalent to the shared space movement that’s currently going on in the office sector. Storefront is an online marketplace for leasing and advertising short-term retail space, helping fledgling retailers (in some cases) who are flying under the radar to get good […]

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How to Truly Capitalize on Your CRE Tech Event Experience

The online marketing platform creator Placester put together a very useful infographic on how to maximize your experience at conferences. As enjoyable as the entire piece was, sometimes nothing beats a good synopsis. Due to this, we condensed what we thought were some of the most informative takeaways, and added a tech spin in certain cases when necessary, for […]

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MyAgent Call Journal Pro: Make Your Smartphone Smarter

Modern technology and its functions have beaten the value of analytics and data analysis into our heads. The vast potential offered by sophisticated data analysis has resulted in relegating the business minds of many commercial real estate professionals far off into the clouds (yes, another over-used buzzword). As a result of this line of thinking, […]

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Save valuable time when underwriting with ResiModel

It’s been said by some that the commercial real estate industry is a very archaic business. There’s a lot of redundant work that’s done (when it comes to things like underwriting, for example) that can end up being relatively superfluous in the grand scheme of things. Elliot Vermes, founder and CEO at ResiModel, created the […]

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