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Hightower Brings Its Leasing Platform Full Circle With Hightower 360

Ever the forward-thinkers, Hightower has been profiled on this site in the past as the team who pioneered the first leasing app strictly tailored to today’s mobile workforce, and they’ve taken it to the next level with their most recent announcement: Hightower 360. So, what is Hightower 360? In a nutshell, it’s Hightower 2.0 – with […]

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CRE App Review Q&A: Chris Clark

Chris Clark is an information/technology consultant who showcases her expertise and passion on the subject of commercial real estate technology through her highly regarded blog, CREOutsider. Chris’s candid writing style and distinct perspective on the sector have helped to build CREOutsider into an industry mainstay, and we deeply value her insights as a member of […]

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Cisdem: Your PDF Management Solution

In today’s increasingly mobile environment, PDFs can be especially difficult to deal with at times. Cisdem offers document management, conversion and recovery solutions for commercial real estate professionals who use Apple products. Let’s face it: it’s Apple’s world, and we all just live in it. The usage figures are astounding when you compare the popularity of […]

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Speed Up Deals With AdvancedREI

“The Art of the Deal.” There’s a reason that deals are referred to as an art form, and that’s because (like great art) a great deal must be crafted and nurtured meticulously in order to reach its full potential. AdvancedREI is a web and mobile-based app that is designed with commercial investors, brokers, lenders and […]

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Xceligent: Verified CRE Research Source

Xceligent is one of the premier providers of verified commercial real estate information across the United States. How does it do this? Boots on the ground and satellites in the air. They use satellite images and data provided by a team of hundreds of experienced commercial real estate researchers to proactively gather information across the […]

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Robin: A Dashboard For Your Office

One of the goals of modern technology is to make our lives more efficient, and Robin is an app that falls directly in line with that philosophy. By equipping important rooms in a workplace with sensors, Robin assists users in working more efficiently and less awkwardly. Still confused as to how it works? It’s really […]

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