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Google Tour Builder Beta

Google has quietly rolled out a browser-based version of Google Earth. This means no more need to download the Earth Plugin if you use Chrome as your browser. With this rollout, they included a Tour Builder, which could be an awesome resource for creating 3D enabled virtual earth property tours. For instance, here is a […]

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Loopnet Mobile App

LoopNet’s Free Basic Membership lets you search hundreds of thousands of properties for sale and lease. Premium Membership delivers full access to the entire property database. What does the Loopnet App allow you to do? Location Finder: explore properties in your immediate area using your built in GPS capabilities Custom Search: filter results by price, […]

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CRE Apps on CRE Radio

I am excited to be a featured guest on CRE Radio’s CRE App Show on May 31st at 12:00 PST. Along with host Howard Kline and Steve Wayne of ProspectNow (one of our top 5 apps for brokers). Show Description The one thing that never changes is that everything changes. That’s particularly true in the […]

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Sphere + Motrr = CRE Magic

If you’ve followed CRE Apps for any amount of time, you’ll know that one of my reoccurring topics is the use of 360 panoramic images in commercial real estate. For example, some of my posts on the topic include – A Case for Panoramic CRE Space Tours Panoramics and commercial real estate Major props to […]

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CardMunch by LinkedIn

CardMunch by LinkedIn turns your business cards into contacts, now with LinkedIn integration. Easily see LinkedIn profile information for your new contacts and connect with them in a single click. This app enables users to: Convert business cards to address book contacts, and then add them as connections on LinkedIn. View relevant LinkedIn profile info, […]

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Kudos to 42Floors and View The Space

Back in September 12, 2012 on CRE Outsider, Loopnet’s very own Kelly Steiz mentioned that Loopnet was “currently in development for new functionality to support the upload of videos.” I suggested that they code up a DIV and be done with it… Six months later: still no video! Meanwhile, 42Floors and View The Space are […]

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