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Google Tour Builder Beta

Google has quietly rolled out a browser-based version of Google Earth. This means no more need to download the Earth Plugin if you use Chrome as your browser. With this rollout, they included a Tour Builder, which could be an awesome resource for creating 3D enabled virtual earth property tours. For instance, here is a […]

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New to LeaseMatrix: Rotating Street Views

LeaseMatrix recently updated their Property Level lease analysis reports to include a rotating Street View image. The question is: being that this is really a financial analysis report, id this feature beneficial, or is it just a distraction? Check it out for yourself  by clicking the “Street View” button in the upper right hand side […]

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Honest Buildings: A Social Network for Building Data

Honest Buildings helps real estate professionals discover building information, uncover the companies for a wide variety of industry-related needs and highlights the service providers and organizations. Speaking at a recent VERGE event, Riggs Kubiak, CEO with Honest Buildings, sees a massive opportunity to connect buildings owners through a hyper-connected network to make for sustainable cities. […]

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  Kyle Zaylor, author of the fantastic RealEstate Java blog recently wrote a blog post about the Pomodoro time management technique. The post hit home with me since I’ve been using the technique for the past year or so. I can say without a doubt that I’ve been able to increase my focus based on the Pomodoro (Italian for ‘tomato’) technique, […]

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Floorplanning the easy way

Do you or your clients have a difficult time envisioning how a vacant office suite would layout? Commercial real estate just isn’t staged the way residential listings usually are; so, unless your full-time job is CRE, many times this can be a struggle. Rather than sitting through napkin sketching meetings, check out Floorplanner. Floorplanner is the […]

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